Near the Confluence

November 30, 2006

These images were taken on uplands and streamside along both Beck Branch and Rowlett Creeks near Brekenridge Park in Richardson, Texas as the last colors of fall are lost to a winter storm approaching in a day or two.


The Sycamore

November 25, 2006

How many forms of natural art does a sycamore have? I don’t know and we may never fully realize all the forms, shapes and colors in just one tree. Some are slowly revealed to   those patient enough to look and visualize over the seasons….                       roots-of-the-ages4.jpgclaw-roots.jpgtwo-damselflies.jpgfall-reflection.jpgroots-of-the-ages3.jpgold-sycamore5-1.jpgfall-reflection2.jpgold-sycamore2.jpgold-sycamore.jpg

The Badlands

November 10, 2006

Located very close to George Bush Tollway…the”Badlands” is an area of exposed Austin Chalk with little pockets of trees overlooking the floodplain forests of Spring Creek. Several old gravel mines were located along the north side of Spring Creek but this particular area is naturally exposed in addition to having been mined. Such rare plants as Blazing Star (Liatris glandulosa) and Hall’s Prairie Clover (Dalea hallii) grow on the barren rocky soils.

badlandsfall.jpgjunipteroak.jpgbadlands-fall2.jpgbadlands-fall8.jpgbadlands-fall9.jpg dwarf-shumard.jpgplainsnipplecactus.jpgmanzanita.jpgbadlands-scene.jpg