Blackland Prairie scenes

April 20, 2007

A nice trip to Parkhill Prairie near the town of Blue Ridge, Texas……this is part of one of the world’s most endangered ecosytems…

exploring.jpg parkhill-desktop.jpgprairie-fire2.jpgparkhill-prairie2.jpgranchland.jpgghost-iris2.jpgspringpasture.jpg

3 Responses to “Blackland Prairie scenes”

  1. D.D. said

    Pics are lovely as usual. Where is the pick of you picking up the copperhead with a walking stick?
    I saw the others here
    but not the one of you demonstrating your “snake lift” technique.

  2. Carna said

    are you there.. 2why wont u answer my e-mails. i thought you cared. im breaking up with you:(

  3. Ai nonymous said

    I don’t even KNOW a Carna!

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