Beck Branch revisited….

August 25, 2007

Late summer images of Beck Branch in north central Texas….one of the many spring-fed streams close to Dallas…



August 21, 2007


Spring Creek and many streams in the Rowlett Creek drainage are fed by cool, shallow water springs and seeps that replenish the streams year round, even during prolonged droughts. Historically, ancient tribes as well as early settlers made this region their home because of the permanent water and food in the forest and nearby Blackland prairies. Big Springs, as this area was called, was well known as a drinking water source where ladies from the city would come to fill up their water jugs. As civilization crept in, however, ancient bottomland forests were cleared, farmers and ranchers destroyed native prairies, and developers paved and built upon every marketable square foot they could find. This is a sad legacy on how we protect our water resources. Spring Creek is actually covered by a shopping mall in Plano, Texas.