Fern Sanctuary

October 31, 2007

Images from a small spring-fed tributary to Cottonwood Creek in Allen. Here you can find the rarely seen Southern Maidenhair Fern along the limestone seeps. The place is surrounded by subdivisions and is out of sight and mind, except for mine. And the water was green…not sure if its algaecide, naturally occurring, or what.  One botanist seems to think this species isn’t found in Collin County.



October 18, 2007


Location: Spring Creek Farm, managed by Owen Sausage Company in Richardson, Texas

Cameras: Nikon D50 and Canon S3

Ocean to Prairie…

October 7, 2007


The Fort Worth prairie is one of the most endangered ecosystems around…a cretaceous sea was uplifted and the land slowly developed a rich prairie soil with plants and prairie fauna. Many of the original prairie inhabitants are now extinct. The soil was too thin to plow and was used by German immigrants as hay fields… a few thousand acres are intact on progressive ranches such as Dixon Water Foundation’s Bear Creek Ranch.

Bear Creek Ranch is a 2200 acre organic, grass-fed cattle ranch near Weatherford and Aledo, TX . So close to Fort Worth you can see the skyline yet rich and lush with tall grasses and healthy cattle.

Now owned by the Dixon Water Foundation and managed holistically, the ranch is hosting this field day to help guests understand why Holistic Management works, to introduce several wonderful networking groups to support your informed management and to illustrate an idea that can help keep land in agriculture by dedicating a small portion to green development. Further information on holistic range managment can be found at Holistic Resource Management of Texas