Return to the Badlands…

November 18, 2008

shummardoakfall6 shummardoakfall21 shummardoakfall31 shummardoakfall42 shummardoakfall51

Another great fall lured me back to the Badlands….a local name given to this Austin Chalk escarpment
near Spring Creek at Holford Road.   The stunted Shumard’s Oak live in thin soils here along with old
Eastern Red Cedar. Unlike the oaks along Spring Creek,  these high and dry oaks show off their colors long after the bottomland oaks have peaked. The area is in danger of encroachment from developers and the slowly growing jungle of concrete and asphalt that is growing along President George Bush Tollway…see it before it disappears. Recently TXU Electric constructed their power line right through the nicest section of the Badlands, showing no concerns whatsoever. Four wheelers, trucks, dirt bikers violate the area on a regular basis so visit while you still can……

shummardoakfall61 shummardoakfall7 shummardoakfall8 shummardoakfall91 badlandssceneweb

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