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The annual Hawkfest was held at Erie Metropark south of Trenton, MI recently. Photos show rehabilitated birds of prey as well as Tribal dancer from the Ho-Chunk Tribe from Wisconsin. The Wildlife Recovery Association presentation was good so support their organization at wildliferecovery.org and littleswampsanctuary.blogspot.com .  Marsha saw a group of 60 Broad-winged hawks fly overhead at Erie Metropark during the Hawkfest.

Update October 22.  There were many hawkwatchers today at Erie Metropark with their binocs and spotting scopes.  I got to see a Goshawk as well as two Rough-legged Hawks migrating today along with dozens of black vultures. The day was windless almost with scattered high clouds. Monarch butterflies were migrating also.

Polar Bears

August 14, 2011

The polar bear is the largest and top land predator in the world, and has become the political football of global warming sayers and nayers because of melting Arctic Sea ice.
In 2008 the polar bear was declared an endangered species in the US, however, in Canada it was only given the status of “Species of Special Concern” regardless of predictions that by 2050 two thirds of the polar bear population will have disappeared from the earth. These images show, in your mind, what an ideal iceberg environment would look like to a polar bear…


Steel Art…

July 30, 2011

During a recent boat tour up the ugly side of the Detroit River, I took shots and created these images….changing subtle rust hues and cold shadows to interesting scenes, courtesy of  US Steel Corp’s “Zug Island” facilities….

Shores of Lake Michigan

July 11, 2011

Big hills along the upper coast of Lake Michigan remind me of the Appalachian foothills, only here there are spruce and pine forests with cherry and apple orchards in the small valleys. The many smaller inland lakes here are peppered with cottages, canoe liveries along the rivers, and highway M-22 is populated by a few cars, dozens of cyclists and joggers, and dog walkers.  The landscape is beautiful, especially along the Lake coast, where morning hues of blue and purple are burned away by morning sunlight peaking over the hills along the coast….

Postscript: Peter Lik is fun to watch on the Weather Channel, but do you really need $50K worth of photographic equipment, a personal Tribal guide, swimming in 50 degree water, et cetera to product cracker gallery shots? Not really, in my humble opinion.


March 3, 2011

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More digital art….

September 26, 2010

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August 24, 2009

Digital Creations

August 24, 2009

See some of my first digital paintings at http://jackal.imagekind.com

Big Sky

July 13, 2009

The lands of west Texas near McKittrick Canyon and the Guadalupe Mountains

are vast and open, the clouds

different from east Texas….you don’t have to go to Montana to see Big Sky country.

The Big Sky (web size)